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Adapted from editorial staff of Jawa Pos, edition on Saturday, November 14th 2020

ANTIROGO, Radar JemberNur Laili Miftakhul Jannah, the alumnus of MA Unggulan Nuris on 2020, currently she is very proud us with her achievements. She is success to make new history as one of the alumnus of Nuris Antirogo Jember which passed and selected in high school of statistics (STIS) Jakarta.

The strict selection in the Campus is really passed by Laili. The Veiled girl was born in Nabire is very known to have skills in mathematics. “I had been long time interested in mathematics. Coincidental, the majors that I took about count too, so it is appropriate,” she said.

To Jawa Pos Radar Jember, the girl born on 18 years ago told her motivation choose the campus. Actually, Laili got a chance to lecture in a university in Jogjakarta through regular program. However, because worried about not being able to pay a single tuition fee (UKT), she also joined in the selection at STIS Jakarta.     

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Things that makes her proud, her both choices were received positively. She was accepted at two colleges. But Laili chose STIS which is an official school. “Because it is free there. The count lighten the burden on my parents. If in Jogja I pay”, Clearly Laili.

Moreover, this choice is increasingly solid because STIS is one of the official campuses where students are free during college. Especially when they graduate, they can become state civil servants.

She also said that his interest in mathematics could not be separated from the sharpening of his talents and interests while she was at MA Unggulan Nuris Jember. Laili received intensive coaching with various practice questions and special guidance. “I am grateful to the teachers at MA Unggulan Nuris Jember, Parents, and all who has supported”, continued Laili.

Now, the first semester student is still attending online courses. She hopes, then she can reap success again. “I want to be ASN at BPS. Hopefully it can”, she concluded. [Galih.Red]

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